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Need a PDF Ebook? Let me create one for you for free.

Yes, you read that right. I will create your own Ebook for FREE in the universal .PDF format, and there will be no ads inside your copy.

Below are the steps to take before you submit your material.

  • First: you need to type your Ebook in MS Word. You can add photos and pictures, but try not to use too many colors or fancy clipart, and focus on being consistent and informative. Make it easy for your readers to read the font (I highly recommend the fonts Arial, Georgia, Verdana or Tahoma for optimum reading pleasure).

  • Next: Check and re-check to see if all the links in your Ebook work.

  • Optional: If your .doc file is huge in size, I recommend you to compress the document into a .zip file using the free compression tool jZip. Click here to get the software to do it, if you don't have jZip already installed on your PC.

  • Next: Send me the file via email as an attachment via this link.)

As soon as I have received your MS Word .doc file, I will create your .pdf formatted Ebook within 24 hours. And you pay nothing! ;-)

If you have any further questions, you can always contact me.

Want an Ebook Cover?

If you need a nice cover for your Ebook, I can create one for you for only $10. You will get an eCover in 3 sizes; small, medium and large, like the formats shown below (Note: these are just basic cover designs to give you an idea of the sizes... you can put anything you like on your cover.)

Step 1: I prefer that you create a flat (2 dimensional) eCover image (in .jpg format) first, using your favorite graphics editing program, using your own pictures, copy, colors, etc... To do this, you can use Adobe PhotoShop.

Or you can get a free program like the (easy to use) open source programs Gimp or Krita. Paint.net is also a good photo and graphics editing tool.

If you don't want to install a new program, you can also use a web web based editing application, like Splashup. This online tool has a strong set of features and will remind you somewhat of Photoshop.

To create your flat .jpg cover (use these settings: height; 536, width; 400 pixels) you can use images from a graphics package like this one.

Or you can download some fine quality (and royalty-free) images from an online photo and image bank like DreamsTime. (They have the best and most reasonable priced photo stock collection to work with, I always use them for my cover designs.)

Search royalty-free stock images on Dreamstime:

- If you don't know how to create a flat eCover image, or don't have the time to do it, I can create your eCover from scratch. I'm asking $25 for this all-in eCover service as it takes much more work.

Step 2: Once you have created your flat cover in .jpg format, upload it to your web host, and tell me where the file is located via the submission form below. You can also tell me via that form if you want a paperback Ebook cover, a hard copy Ebook cover, or a Special Report/Ezine/Newsletter style Ecover. 

Paperback Style (3 sizes):


Hard Copy Style (3 sizes):

Special Report/Ezine/Newsletter Style (3 sizes):

Step 3: I will create your covers (mostly within 24 hours) in small, medium and large format, and email them to you via an attachment. If you like your cover design, you pay me $10 via Paypal (or $25 if you don't submit your flat 2D cover). If you want something changed, just let me know what, and I will modify it until you like it.

Contact me here for any questions, or for more details.

- Or you can create an eCover by yourself. Check out this page for eCover design tips.

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