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EBook Creation Software and Services

There are a lot of software packages available to create and compile your Ebooks. 

Ebooks can be composed in .PDF or .EXE format.

The advantage of .PDF Ebooks is that they can be read on any computer, Macintosh included. All you need to read a .PDF file is the free Acrobat Reader software. You can get a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here.                     

Ebooks in .EXE format can only be used by Windows users, but the software that creates .EXE Ebooks can be handy if you want to personalize -or customize- your Ebooks.

Are you just getting started and want the easiest solution? Then eWriterPro is the best deal for you... It's built-in word processor and PDF-converter make creating eBooks a breeze...

With eWriterPro you can insert your graphics and links, and save your file as a PDF - right from within the program.

eWriterPro puts everything you need under one roof. The interface is clean, friendly and easy to use. And because Master Resale Rights are included with this product, not only can you use eWriterPro to make your eBooks, you also can sell the software itself, and keep 100 % of the profits in your pocket.

If you haven't yet entered the eBook arena, here's your best chance to get the tool you'll need to create word-processing documents - and convert them to PDFs instantly.

Click here to get all the details to get started today!

- Kindle Ebook Format

If you want to convert your Ebook file into the popular Kindle format, so you can sell your Ebook on Amazon's online bookstore, you can do it here.

I can turn any .pdf, Word .doc, .txt, or html document into a Kindle supported Ebook file, so your book can be read on the Kindle reader.

For more Ebook formatting options, click here to format books for Smashwords, Createspace or Lulu.

- eBook Starter (For .EXE formatted Ebooks only)

If you want to create EXE formatted Ebooks with a "real book feel", then you
can use the eBook Starter tool. Thisis the only Ebook publishing software that
is an actual WYSIWYG Ebook editor. It gives your Ebooks the look and feel of
a real book, notebook, manual or report - with professionally designed custom

If you can use a simple word processing program, you can create Ebooks. The
software was specifically designed to enable you to design, edit and build your
Ebooks from start to finish all within one, easy to use software program -and,
never worry about your Ebooks looking great again.

You can download a Free Demo copy by clicking the image below, so you
can see how powerful the software is. NOTE: The Ebook that you create in
this Demo will only be viewable on your own PC.

To create .pdf documents you can purchase the Adobe Acrobat program. Cost: about $250... Now,  let me guess... you don't want to spend that much, right? :-)

But there's no need to buy the Adobe Acrobat -or other expensive Ebook creation software- when you can use free Ebook creation services.

Here is a list of online services that will compose your Ebook for free:

- Gymnast

Gymnast converts text files to Adobe Acrobat PDF format without the need for any additional Adobe software.

- PDF-o-Matic

This is a simple PHP script that uses HTMLDOC to convert the web page of your choice.

You can start with using these free services, to turn your Word or HTML file into a real Ebook file.

Commercial Ebook software:

- Activ EBook Compiler

The "Activ EBook Compiler' is a simple and straightforward program with an intuitive Windows based user interface. It comes with full instructions explaining exactly how to create your own E-Books. You can download and use a fully working version for free. With this demo you can only create Ebooks no longer than 10 pages, but you can not sell them. If you want to sell them, you need to register the software.
Click here to test drive the Activ E-book Compiler

Below you can browse a series of recommended author/writing programs, that can help you improve your writing skills. Just click on any product for more detailed information.


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