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From: Dirk Dupon
Date: Thursday, 5:10 PM
RE: Getting new products with Resell Rights without writing a word...

Dear Information Marketer,

It's true... the easiest and most profitable products to sell online are digital Information 
Products like Ebooks, Special Reports, Software, etc. 

There's no inventory to carry, no printing or shipping costs, and customers can download 
their products instantly without you lifting a finger.

If you already have some experience with marketing resellable products, then you know 
the drill... 

You buy an Ebook (or a software program) with Resell Rights, set up the sales page and 
ordering link, send out an "impossible-to-refuse-offer" announcement to your carefully -
and legally- built Opt In list, Ezine or Newsletter, and soon you get those "You've-just-
notifications in your inbox.

And if you're anything like me, you just love it when that happens. Even if you do this for 
years, the good vibe stays ;-)

However, there's also a downside...

Ask any successful Information Marketer, and if they are really honest, you'll hear the same 

"Selling an Ebook can make you some money, but it's 
not enough to create a continuous stream of income."

Don't get me wrong. It is possible to make good profits by selling information to a 
targeted audience. I've been doing it for several years, and it turned out to be a 
rewarding experience.

But sooner or later, the interest in your Infoproduct will subside as the market dries 
up and more and more people are selling the same item everywhere online.

(This is especially true for Internet Marketers, who seem to be specialized in selling 
the same products to an over-saturated market. Remember the days when Tom Hua's 
"FreeToSell" Ebook collection sold for $49.95, until people started spreading it on eBay 
for $1.00... The package lost it's value, and nobody wanted it anymore.)

If you know what you're doing, you will easily get your initial investment back, or even 
double or triple your setup costs. But in the long term you'll end up with a product that 
has lost it's value. 

Maybe it's sad to hear, but it's true... That's life... 

Now, get over it ;-)

There's absolutely no reason to panic or give up, because...

...if you're a smart marketer, you will go searching for another Infoproduct with resell 
rights, and repeat the entire process over again. Upload the Sales Page, set up the 
ordering link, send out an announcement, and ka-ching! (That's the sound of new 
sales notifications dropping in...)

Whatever people may tell you...

The Real Secret to Online Profits and Wealth Is Found 
In Continually Adding New Product Offers to Your 
Existing Arsenal, So You Can Build A Steady Income

The easiest way to find new resellable products is by joining a Resale Rights site... 

Every month you receive a new product to add to your inventory, and you don't have 
anything to worry about... 

It's almost hands-free. No hassle. No writing from your side, or creating a web site, 
let alone create the graphics. 

All the hard work is done for you. The product is already written, and you just need 
to upload the Mini Site, promote it, and cash in at the bank. 

There are many Resale Rights membership sites, offering a broad range of Ebooks and 
other products. 

Here are 2 of them: 

  Tom Hua's "EbookWholeSaler" site: $27.00 a month

Connor Funderburcke's Resale Rights Club site: from $19 up to $37 a month

These are great services, delivering fine products. The only problem is that membership 
sites like this charge you up to $27.00 - $49.00 a month... and sometimes much more! 

(Notice that the two above are some of the cheapest...)

Anyway, joining a membership site is still the best option to acquire new products. Or 
would you rather prefer spending anything between $97.00 - $500.00 to obtain Resale 
Rights to a single Ebook, not knowing if you will sell one copy? 

I guess not...

Now, I do realize that not everyone can afford a membership to a Resale Rights site. 

Especially people who just got started will not risk their hard-earned money. They 
already have to pay for an autoresponder service, web hosting, ad campaigns, etc...

That's why I decided to set up an affordable Resale Rights site... and I called it... 
the "Digital Reseller Vault".

The "Digital Reseller Vault" contains Top Selling, Quality Ebook And Software Titles that come with Master Resell Rights and Professionally Designed Sales Sites.

Now, let me explain what you receive with your membership...


You no longer need to write your own material, or hire an expensie copy- or ghostwriter to build/expand your business. I'll send you new products every month, for as long as you stay a member. These aren't just any old Ebooks written on some general topic that everybody and their brother is selling. These are high quality, professionally written and designed eBooks.

No extra costs are involved. No additional fees. No upgrades or any other hidden costs. Every product you receive will have Master Resell Rights included. You just have to set up the Mini Site and promote it.

Some products with Resell Rights come with a poor sales page or layout. That's why I promise you to make sure that every product you receive will include a High Quality Mini Site and Professional Graphics, so you will make more sales.

You will get instant access to all the bestselling products listed below as soon as your order has been processed. And what's more... even if you decide to cancel your membership anytime you can keep the products.

And here's what you will get...

And this is just the beginning...

You'll also receive a copy of "Publishing For Profit"
(Value: $47.00)

"How To Create, Set Up and Market Your Own Successful
Information Product Empire
That Actually Sells!"

You can see the Mini Site and Graphics that come with this product
by clicking here.
(A new window will open in your browser.)

Full Resale Rights And Web Site Included!


You'll also receive a copy "Marketing Graphics Pro", a set of attention grabbing graphics in .PSD and .PNG format to spice up your squeeze pages, blogs, salespages and websites. These images can be easily edited in PhotoShop.
(A $37.00 Value - Yours FREE!)

Below are the graphics that you'll receive:

NOTE: The images are all reduced in size, to allow this site to download faster. In reality , the images look much sharper...


AND... You also get instant access and Master Resale
Rights to the
"Video Reseller Pack"

Featuring a carefully selected collection of 256 easy-to-follow, pleasurable to watch-and-listen to Internet Marketing related videos.

A massive 2,069 minutes of down-to-earth and practical "how to" video  tips and tutorials... A $97.00 value! - But yours
FREE with your membership!

Giveaway Rights


Resell/Reprint [Yes]
Add to Membership [Yes]
Add as Bonus [Yes]
Graphics (eCovers) [Yes]


You will also receive instant access to the 14 part
"Definitive Guide To Online Marketing"

This 14-volume set of Ebooks in Adobe PDF format covers
a wide variety of Internet marketing topics, and can be freely
distributed from your own web site.

You can use these Ebooks as an incentive to sign up new
subscribers to your Ezine or Opt-In list, add them as Bonus
Gifts to your existing products, include them in a paid (or free)
membership site, and much much more...

A $97.00 value! - But yours FREE with your membership!

  • 100 Ways To Increase Your Online Income
  • 100 Ways To Turn Prospects Into Customers
  • 100 Ways To Maximize Your Advertising Expenses
  • 100 Ways To Successfully Promote Your Website
  • 100 Profitable and Unsaturated Niche Markets
  • 100 Profitable Online Marketing Tactics
  • 100 Ways To Energize Your Revenue Campaigns
  • 100 Profitable Online Marketing Models
  • 100 Ways To Improve Your Selling Techniques
  • 100 Attention Grabbing Headline Templates
  • 100 Profitable Topics For Your Info Products
  • 100 Ways To Profit From Joint Ventures
  • 100 Profitable Internet Marketing Plans
  • 100 Super Successful Business Strategies
Giveaway Rights


Resell/Reprint [No]
Add to Membership [Yes]
Add as Bonus [Yes]
Graphics (eCovers) [Yes]

And there's more to take away...

Included with your membership you are also going to get 10 "Never-Released-Before" BRAND NEW products, all written in Adobe PDF format, at no additional cost...

Retail price: $47 each... Total Value: $1470!!

Giveaway Rights


Resell/Reprint [Yes]
Add to Membership [Yes]
Add as Bonus [Yes]


And what about this...

You will also receive a COPY of the "Big Ticket Experts"
A $197.00 Value
- 100% Free With Your Membership!

Lots of big name marketers sell Ebooks, reports and small, special purpose software tools, every day.

But if you ask them where the real money is, guess what they'll tell you? It's in the backend!

And the backend is all about Big Ticket Items! These are products that range in price from $197 to $500 to $1000 to $5000 or even more. This package -containing many hours of content rich audios with experts who already do this regulary in their business- will show you all about selling these Big Ticket items... 

And yes, there's still more...

Become a member today, and you will also receive the 
"Niche Products Power Pack" with Master Resell Rights
to get you started instantly.

This amazing collection of Fast Selling Niche Products currently sells online for up to $47.00 and can be yours within the next 5 minutes...for FREE!

The fine collection includes Ebooks about:

  • Health & Fitness

  • Diets & Recipes

  • Crafts

  • Gardening

  • Golf

  • How to stop smoking

  • How to lose weight

  • How to find romance and happiness

You get a ready made Mini Site and the right to repackage all (or some) of the Ebooks, or sell them by theme from your site. Or you can also choose to just resell this entire package... 

With Master Resell Rights to the "Niche Products Power Pack" you'll instantly have three potential types of customers...

  1. You will be able to sell the individual items to targeted customers.

  2. You can sell the entire package to other resellers who are always 
    on the lookout for hot selling, new products. 

  3. You can break up / theme the products and sell them to specific 
    target markets.

Whatever you choose to do, you can't lose. Any of these easy to set up strategies will make you profits...

Now let's do a quick calculation of the market value of the listed products that you will receive for FREE:

"The Definitive Guide To Online Marketing" $97.00
"The Video Reseller Pack" $97.00
"10 Never Before Released Special Reports" $1470.00
"Big Ticket Experts Audios" $197.00
"Niche Products Power Pack" $47.97
"Marketing Graphics PRO" $37.00

Total Value:


But There's More... You Also Get Resale Rights To 
he Following Internet Marketing Related Ebooks
Worth Over $340.00 That You Can Start
Selling Immediately For Profits...

Carefully Crafted Email Sales Copy  
- Resell Rights Included
RSS Publishing Made Easy 
- Resell Rights Included
Expand Your Professional Coaching and 
Consulting Business
- Resell Rights Included
Turn Your Autoresponder into a Cash Cow
- Resell Rights Included
The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle  
- Resell Rights Included
99 Web Sites You Should Have Bookmarked But Probably Don't - Resell Rights Included $14.97
The Ezine Resource Guide 
- Resell Rights Included
Autoresponder Secrets Exposed
- Resell Rights Included
Auction Sources Big Book  
- Resell Rights Included
Bandwidth Bling Bling  
- Resell Rights Included
Ezine Success
- Resell Rights Included
Profit Pulling Reports 
- Resell Rights Included
Ezine Ad Profits 
- Resell Rights Included
Profit Pulling Ebooks 
- Resell Rights Included
Secrets Of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed
- Resell Rights Included
How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become 
a Super Affiliate
- Resell Rights Included

Total Value:


And... You Also Get Master Resale Rights To
A Carefully Selected Collection Of
Marketing Related Software Titles That Will
Immediately Boost Your Online Sales And Opt-
In List Subscriptions Worth
Over $469.00...

Easy Ezine Ad Formatter  
- Resell Rights Included
Name Branding Syndicator  
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Bookmark
- Resell Rights Included
Secret Copy Writer  
- Resell Rights Included
Clickbank Download Protection Script  
- Resell Rights Included
Easy Ebook Creator  
- Resell Rights Included
Clickbank Calculator  
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Meta Tag Generator  
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Pop Up Subscriber 
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Site Safe  
- Resell Rights Included
Money Making Flashy Designs
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Site Maker  
- Resell Rights Included
Instant Email Scramble  
- Resell Rights Included
Affiliate Defender
- Resell Rights Included
Link Check Generator  
- Resell Rights Included
Affiliate Link Cloaker  
- Resell Rights Included

Total Value:


- and I haven't finished yet :)


12 Private Label Rights Squeeze Page Website Templates in both .PDF and .JPG format!
(A 47.97 Value!)

All coded, setup and ready high quality squeeze pages for you to upload to your websites! Setup your squeeze page in just 12 minutes ...

Are you starting to feel impressed, overpowered, schocked and dazzled by the sheer 
amount of information above? ;-)

Then wait until you find out what a "DRV" subscription costs...

To start with, you'll receive over $900.00 worth of products with Resale Rights to start  selling immediately.  

Heck, it's probably closer to $1000.00... but never mind... you get the idea here...

Plus, you'll have instant access to a huge collection of Internet Marketing Ebooks, Special
Reports and Exclusive Audio files that will explode your online Info-Business.

Call Me Insane Or Plain Crazy, But I'm Giving You 
Access To Everything For ONLY $29.97

-Yes, that's right. You get your monthly
DRV membership for only $14.97

"Only $14.97? Come on... other membership sites charge that amount per week or even 
per DAY!
Are you really serious?"

Yes, I am... and you read that very right. It's no joke. 

But it gets even better... I will also waive 
the $67.00 start up fee if you join now!

There is a one-time payment of $67 required for all new members... BUT if you sign 
up today I'll waive the setup fee for you. 

You put $67.00 in the pocket... that counts for 4 MONTHS FREE "DRV" Membership! 

But you do have to act now!

Even if you only make one lousy sale with your monthly "DRV" product, you will earn
back your membership fee in double.

Can you make the count?

Believe me... this is your one-time chance to start up your own Resale Rights Business 
online, and profit from the work that other people have done for you.

Still Undecided?

I truly believe that this offer stands on its own, but I know also that you may be sitting on the fence and need a little push... So here's a big push!

Join Today And Get Master Resale Rights To
4 Special Marketing Reports!

I am not going to insult you by giving you a bunch of Ebooks that you can find anywhere for almost nothing. These Fast Action bonus Quick-Tip reports in PDF format are written specifically to compliment this package and you won't find them anywhere else...

Plus you'll also get
Master Resale Rights to them. (A $97.00 value!)

101 Tips For Writing Great Headlines...

The importance of a great headline can't be overstated. This Ebook will give you the tips for writing attention grabbing headlines.

101 Tips For Creating Niche Products...

Niche information products are a great money-maker and this Ebook will give you 101 ideas for creating niche products that sell.

101 Tips For Creating Info Products FAST...

Have you ever wondered how some marketers are able to turn out so many info-products in such a short time? This Ebook will give you tips on turning out your own products at lightning speed.

101 Tips For Proven Internet Business Models...

If you are new to internet marketing or if your current marketing efforts aren't working as well as you would like, then this Ebook could prove invaluable. Actual business models that work for almost any product or marketing method. 


Fast Action Bonus #1

If you become a member TODAY, I will also give you a $69.00 valued SURPRISE BONUS GIFT (with Master Resell Rights included) along with your membership.

I'm not going to tell you what it is, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise ;-) but believe me, you'll find it a very useful product.

And here's an even better reason to join today... 

There are ten thousands of Internet Marketers on the Internet. That's why I have 
decided to follow a 'tight' strategy and place a membership cap on the "DRV". I will 
limit the number of memberships to benefit all the members. 

At this time, I don't know exactly how many people I will allow to access the web site 
(probably no more than 150 - 200), so you should grab this amazing opportunity while 
you still can and sign up today to this incredible deal!

100% Zero Risk Guarantee!

Fast Action Bonus #2

To finish this almost endless list of valuable Internet Marketing Products, Software and Tools, you will also receive a copy of "Instant List Profits".

This 126 page long, PDF formatted, manual will show you how to build your own list of at least 1,000+ subscribers in under 30 days... and make $1,000 or MORE every month starting from scratch!

A $67.00 value and if you're serious about building an online business, you just can't wait to get your hands on this information.

Order Now - Instant Access!

YES, Dirk! I want to take advantage of this stunning offer and sign up at the incredibly low price of ONLY $29.97 $14.97! 

I will receive a collection of Resale Rights Products with Master Resale Rights and Mini Sites every month for as long as I stay a member!
I understand this is one of the best online business opportunities available. 

The "Digital Reseller Vault" currently contains Top Selling, Quality Ebook And Software Titles that come with Master Resell Rights and Professionally Designed Sales Sites.

Right after making your payment, you will see this page:

Fill in the form with your details, and you will be instantly taken to
a special page, where you can download all your products:

You have 3 options to join...

You can pay your first membership fee for ONLY $14.97 using the button below...

Or you can save out $82.64 and select One Year Access for ONLY $97 by using the link below...

Or you can select the 6 month DRV membership below...

Remember, you have total control and can cancel your subscription at any time. Payments happen via the Paypal 100% secure server.

Remember that when you sign up today, you will always pay the sign-up price for as 
long as you stay a member
, no matter how high the membership price may go in the 

I will raise the membership fee when I have reached a certain amount of members. This is not 
a false promise, because if you've been here before, then you'll know that I originally charged 
members less.

So, if you want to be guaranteed the lowest lock-in price, then you must take action now!

This is your unique chance to become one of our lucky members today!

So... are you in, or not?