How To Use Private Label Content To
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Writing A Word
, And Build A Profitable
Online Business At The Same Time...
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"A Step-By-Step Guide On How Anyone Can Use Pre-Written
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From the desk of: Dirk Dupon

Dear Friend,

If you've been marketing -or selling- Information Products online for a while, then I don't have to repeat it that "Content Is King!"

If you can offer a steady stream of quality content (like tips, articles, ecourses, special reports) to your visitors or subscribers, you will be able to keep their interest... and make profits.

You see... one of the most important keys to a successful online business is not JUST having a mailing list...

It's about
building a trusting relationship with your list subscribers (ie, "cultivating" your list) by constantly offering them quality information that they can't find anywhere else.

By sending informative articles to your list on a regular basis you will establish yourself as an expert on your topic, as well as gain your subscribers' trust.

As a result, your subscribers (or leads, prospects, whatever you wish to call them) will be
EAGER to take advantage of your "paid" product and service offers.

(Just make sure that you never take advantage of the relationship that you develop with your list by offering products or services of poor quality just to make a quick buck!)

If there is one "constant" in Internet Marketing, it's this...

A cultivated list of subscribers means money in the bank!

Write that down and never forget it!

But it takes time to create fresh content, not to mention the hard work that comes involved with creating new Info-Products.

That's why Private Label Rights are a real blessing for Info-Publishers and Online Marketers.

How long does it take to write an article? One hour, two hours, three hours, four hours ... or more?

What if you had the time back, could you be more productive? Could you use that time to market new products, increase your sales and grow your business?

Private Label content will save you lots of time and money.

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Below are only 4 ways to build traffic, subscribers, and customers with Private Label content...

1. Use Private Label content and information as the foundation of an Ebook -or guide- that you can sell right from your site and newsletter. With Private Label content, you can simply modify or improve a product if it does not fit your taste or needs.

2. You can double or triple the number of Ezine/newsletter subscribers you do currently, simply by offering content in the form of "special reports" or manuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication. People love new content/freebies, so give them what they want and watch as your results increase!

3. You can create an automated cashflow by using content to formulate multi-part email training courses with related website or affiliate links "sprinkled" throughout the lessons. Use an autoresponder service to automate the delivery of your training course (such as a 5 part training course delivered over a 5 day period). Training courses can also serve as excellent bonus offers for your prospective Ezine/newsletter subscribers.

4. Another excellent way to generate no cost traffic is by submitting ready-made articles to "content hungry" web site and newsletter publishers with your "resource box" attached. A resource box is nothing more than a little 3-6 line "bio" about you and/or your website - including a link to your site (or even instructions on how to subscribe to your newsletter)...

... And that's only the beginning...

You can also use Private Label Content to do all this...

Personalize Private Label articles and submit them to article directories and newsletter publishers, with your own ad or resource box at the bottom - this will boost your link popularity, raise your page rank and send more visitors to your site.

Start a profitable auto-responder course by providing useful content and warm your prospects/leads into Red Hot Customers! It's a fact: educating your customer is one of the most effective ways to "sell" them on your offer.

You can boost your search engine ranking by posting keyword rich articles and content on your site. For example, if your business involves offering products and services related to fitness, posting fitness related articles and content will attract unlimited prospective customers on a regular basis!

You can package a group of related Private Label articles together into a unique report... then give it away as an incentive to attract hundreds of eager readers to your newsletter.

You can sky-rocket the value of anything you're selling by offering fresh bonuses when people buy your products or services... This helps reduce refunds and un-subscribes.

You can combine the power of Adsense with content-rich web pages and inject your own affiliate links into these search engine friendly sites. Then take articles related to the content on the sites and submit them to publishers with a link back in the resource box. You'll instantly have a content stream archived in the search engines with built in profitability.

The possibilities with Private Label content are almost endless...

Below are some testimonials:

"Hi Dirk,

Just a quick line to say 'well done' with your Ebook "Private Label Secrets".

We're all being bombarded with private label offers day in and day out but the reality is that most of us don't know what to do with all that private label content.

Now, thanks to your efforts, the question of how to turn private label content into profits has been answered.
I found your Ebook so clear and easy to understand, that I've already started putting some of your ideas into practice. Now I'm looking forward to finally getting some serious return on all those investments. Thanks again."

Michael Hopkins,


I just wanted to let you know that your "Private Label Secrets" Ebook is a comprehensive guide to profiting with private label rights' material the right way. 

In addition, it's a fundamental guide for avoiding lots of mistakes that most marketers trying to profit from private label rights, are making today."
Stelios Eleftheriou,

"Hi Dirk,

What a wonderful job you've done putting together this information. You explained in great detail the entire concept of Private Label Rights and exactly how to use them for maximum profits!

I especially enjoyed reading chapters 9 & 10 - The Pros and Cons of Private Label Rights & The Proper Way of Making Money with Private Label Rights - because they gave me some terrific ideas.  Keep up the great work!"
Denise Hall,

The difference between Private Label Rights and Resell Rights...

If you don't like (or have no knowledge of) the creating/production process, you can also sell products with Resell Rights, and sign up for a membership site that gives you new products every month, like this one.

But it's much better to create your own line of Info-Products.

With Private Label Rights, you are actually given the editable rights to add, remove, or add a digital product freely, which you cannot possibly do with a Resell Rights product.

While you are allowed to resell a product and keep 100% of the profits to yourself with Resell Rights products, you cannot modify or "have control" of the product's content let alone passing on your own credibility for that matter.

Now I am not saying that one type of rights is better than the other.

But if you are looking forward to having the freedom of having a product in your own name - and without having to go through the process of creating your own product - you will do well to consider purchasing Private Label Rights.

Now, if you really want to use Private Label content to your advantage, then you need to read the "Private Label Secrets" Guide.

Inside this (.PDF formatted) Ebook you'll discover how you can profit from pre-written content and set up your own Info-Publishing business fast and easy.

The "Private Label Secrets" Action Guide is packed with all you need to get your own Info-Business empire started, wether you are a fresh newbie, or if you already have some experience with creating, selling or publishing pre-written content.

Below is a screenshot of the contents in "Private Label Secrets":



 1    Basics Of Private Label Rights: Its Importance And Its
       Implication In Internet Marketing

2   Earning From Private Label Rights

3   How To Make Money With Private Label Rights

4   Everyone Wins With Private Label Rights

5   Private Label Articles - Get More Useful Content At Low
      Cost And Effort

6   Private Label Rights Ebooks

7   Private Label Rights Software

8   Products With Private Label Rights

9   Pros And Cons Of Private Label Rights

10 Proper Way Of Making Money With Private Label Rights

11 Useful Resources

But that's not all...

The "Private Label Secrets"  guide not only comes with Full Master Resell Rights, but also includes Full Customization Rights.

In other words... beside the right to sell this Ebook to other people, and keep all the profits in YOUR pocket, you will also receive the source file of "Private Label Secrets" (in MS Word), so you can modify, or edit, the content of the book to your own desire, and sell it as a whole new product.

For example... you can use the source file to create a new autoresponder eCourse and add your affiliate links inside the lessons, or use the copy to create an Audio Ebook, whatever you wish to do... the sky is the limit!

Here are additional benefits of using Private Label content:

  • Quickly and easily create your own content-based websites to receive more frequent visits by people who appreciate up-to-date information

  • Use private label content to publish your own newsletter

  • Use private label content to generate Adsense and affiliate commissions

  • Receive thousands of links to your private label articles from the major search engines on other related keywords within your industry

  • Use private label content to create a follow-up series to contact prospects several times before they buy, and gain instant credibility and guru status, which will boost your sales conversions

  • Use private label content to run periodic ezine articles and for advertisements

  • And much, much more!

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Special Report 1:

"Building Traffic With Content"

This 35 page long report shows you how to use Content to Build, Advertise and Drive Traffic to Your Online Business. Inside you'll discover:

               - 21 Ways Content Drives Your Traffic
               - What Kind of Content Do You Need?
               - Where Else Can You Use Content?
               - Where Can You Get Content?
               - How To Write Your Own Content
               - What NOT to Use for Content
               - How to Optimize Your Content Pages
               - (Special note for PPC Users)

Special Report 2:

"How To Make Money Online With Content"

In this 21 page report, you'll discover some of the best ways to make money online, specifically by using content you have the right to use -or modify. You can use this step-by-step action plan to immediately begin tapping into the potential of this very profitable Internet niche.

Special Report 3:

"Creating Niche Sites That Rank
Well And Make You Money"

How you can find unlimited niches and turn them into income streams. This 35 page report will show you how you can locate niche markets and turn those niche markets into websites that get good traffic and profits.

 Special Report 4:

“Creating the Perfect eCourse
with Private Label Content”

This report will show you how you can use private label content to create an eCourse that will make you profits over and over again, completely on autopilot.

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